21 Songs for John

by Various


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I've only acted as a conduit in pulling this compilation together. Thanks go to the artists and record labels for taking time from their own often very busy schedules to provide us with a way of saying a massive thank you to John Peel for what he brought to our lives.

It's ten years since the great man left us and the idea for this compilation was to celebrate his legacy by getting together a number of bands and artists he championed and, in the spirit of the John Peel show, putting some of the great things those artists are doing now alongside a few great memories from the past. In doing so, we hoped to share some great music among those of us whose lives he touched. The bands and labels responsible for this have done so entirely for free, partly because that's the kind of people they are and partly, of course, because the concept was one they keenly embraced.

My thanks to all of them and to my colleagues at Dandelion Radio who helped me gather this together. And thanks to you for joining us. The collection will be available until 30 November 2014, at which point it will be deleted. None of the artists has asked for this, but I hope you'll continue to keep an eye out for what they're doing after that point and support those whose music appeals to you in any way you can.

More specific information can be found in the credits but, as well as the artists, the following record labels deserve thanks for helping to get this compilation together and for their general commitment to great music: Audio Antihero, GM Sounds, Sugar Shack, Probe Plus, Parallax Sounds and Metal Postcard.

Thanks for the memories, John.


released 01 October 2014

Cover photo courtesy of the John Peel Archive.

Track 1 - Conceived, composed and performed by the Cuban Boys.
Special Guest commentary provided by Mr John Peel O.B.E.
Mixed and produced by Ricardo Autobahn.
Track 2 - Written & published by Gedge/De Castro.
Publishing administered outside of the UK & Eire by Fintage Music International.
David Gedge - guitar & singing
Graeme Ramsay - guitar
Pepe Le Moko - bass & backing vocals
Terry De Castro - backing vocals
Charles Layton - drums
Track 3 - Written by Elisabeth Esselink
Tracks 4 & 21 - Written by J. Donaldson
Track 5 - Written by Jack Hayter. Thanks to Jamie at Audio Antihero.
Track 6 - Originally released on The Cravats In Toytown LP on Small Wonder Records in 1980. Written by The Cravats.
Track 7 - Written and conceived by Grandmaster Gareth. Thanks to Gareth Main and GM Sounds.
Track 8 - Originally released on Recreational Records in 1981 and reissued on Dole Age - The 1981 Reggae Collection by Bristol Archive Records in 2011. Thanks to Mike Darby at Sugar Shack Records.
Track 9 - Originally released on Probe Plus in 2001 on the EP 'Editor's Recommendation' on Probe Plus. Written by Nigel Blackwell. Thanks to Geoff Davies of Probe Plus.
Track 10. Written and performed by Christopher Horne. Thanks to Anthony Merrill of Parallax Sounds.
Track 11. Written by J. Donaldson.
Track 12. Written by Yeah Yeah Noh.
Track 13. Written by Antony Harding.
Track 14. Written and produced by Tjinder Singh. Thanks to Ample Play Records.
Track 15. All instruments played by Jim Milne. Recorded and produced at Evolution Studios, Liverpool. From his forthcoming release 'Peterloo - the Finished Master 1972-2014'.
Track 16. Written by Lianne Hall and Paul Hartnoll.
Track 17. Written by I, Ludicrous.
Track 18. Written by Gerald V. Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh. Thanks to Sean Hocking and Metal Postcard Records.
Track 19: Recorded in session at Maida Vale on 26 February 1989 for the John Peel Show and first broadcast on 8 March 1989. Mark Hoyle - vocals; Chris Bridgett - guitar; Tim Costigan - guitar; Cathy Brooks - bass; Roger Capman - drums.
Track 20: Written & published by Gedge/Alexander/Layton.
Publishing administered outside of the UK & Eire by Fintage Music International.
David Gedge - guitar & singing
Patrick Alexander - guitar
Katherine Wallinger - bass & backing vocals
Charles Layton - drums
Track 22: Written by D. Potter and G. Turner. Remixed by Ollo. Thanks to Sean Hocking and Metal Postcard Records.



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